Which Rap Mogul has the highest net worth?

Music producers Sean “Diddy” Combs and Marion “Suge” Knight ran two successful music labels in the 90s. They rose to prominence on separate coasts and made a name for themselves with millions of dollars. Not to mention they were embroiled in a feud that some say led to two famous murders. But who has a higher net worth in 2022?

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Net worth didn’t start Diddy’s feud with Suge Knight

In 1991, Knight co-founded Death Row Records, which housed West Coast artists. With rappers like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg releasing hit albums on the label, Knight rose to prominence and wealth in the ’90s music scene.

Eventually, icon Tupac Shakur signed to Death Row under Knight’s persuasion and was released. All eyes on me in 1996. And Knight was with Shakur later that year when someone shot into their vehicle. Only a fragment hit him, but Shakur was mortally wounded and died a few days after the shooting.

Meanwhile, in 1993, Diddy started Bad Boy Entertainment in New York and was close with Christopher Wallace, known as Notorious BIG. .

This rivalry seemed to be at the heart of the feud between Diddy and Knight, which some say turned deadly. As reported by Forbes, rumors – and an insider – have suggested Diddy made the first violent move when he offered a hitman $1 million to fire the shots at Shakur and Knight who killed the rapper.

For the record, Diddy said the story told about him “is pure fiction and completely ridiculous”. But he wasn’t the only one facing such heavily criminal allegations. Another informant suggested Knight retaliated and paid to stage the 1997 Los Angeles shootings that killed Wallace less than a year after Shakur’s death.

Does Diddy or Suge Knight have a higher net worth now?

As of 2022, Knight’s net worth has dropped to $200,000 (per Celebrity Net Worth). In 2002, he owed the IRS over $6.5 million in back taxes and filed for personal bankruptcy in 2006.

Knight claimed his debts were over $100 million, mostly due to a $107 million judgment that forced him to pay his business partner’s ex-wife. She was an early death row investor, but claimed she was kicked out once the company started making money.

On the other hand, Celebrity Net Worth lists Diddy’s net worth at $900 million. He’s been one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world for two decades, thanks to various musical talents, a business empire and investments in companies like Cîroc vodka.

What does Suge Knight do now?

In 2018, Knight did not contest manslaughter for the death of Heavyweight Records co-founder Terry Carter. He allegedly followed Carter and another man, Cle Sloan, to a burger stand in Compton, California, intentionally punching them both into a van after an argument. He then fled the scene and only Sloan survived.

Knight is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for killing Carter. Additionally, the victim’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, although the first case ended in a mistrial.

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