What to expect from your health plan?

Investing in the right health plan can help take away your worries about rising health care costs. But how easy is it to choose the right one and if you do, what exactly should you expect from it?

When your loved one faces a medical emergency and the hospital needs to perform an immediate operation, it’s frustrating if your health plan provider asks for countless documents to sort out the problem. It’s even worse when it takes them days to complete the process.

Today, people expect their health plan providers to be prompt, take quick action, and ensure the process is hassle-free. Here are some key factors to look for when choosing your healthcare plan provider.

  • Simplified claims process

Medical emergencies don’t give you time to go through multiple documents. Plus, you’re not in the mood for constant follow-up with your insurance company, so the claims process should focus on convenience. Simply letting your health plan provider know that a family member is admitted to hospital should be enough.

If the hospital is part of your provider’s network, you can get the treatment without having to pay out of pocket first. Even if you do, the company should reimburse all your hospital costs within a few days.

Obviously, the increase in health care expenses puts a big hole in your pocket. There is no point in getting a health plan that is expensive and out of your budget.

Your income should not determine whether or not you can access quality health care. Affordable prices should be a given no matter how much you earn.

  • Cover Critical Conditions/No Exclusions

Some health plans come with endless terms and conditions. Many of them do not cover critical illnesses. But if you are very likely to suffer from a critical condition, your health plan provider should cover it. No matter how bad the prognosis, you should never have to lose sleep over spending.

  • A network of excellent doctors and hospitals

To avoid ending up in a hospital bed with miserable service, check with your health plan provider’s partner doctors and hospitals before purchasing your plan.

Additionally, you need to make sure your health plan provider has ties to the best hospitals near you, because medical emergencies always leave you pressed for time.

  • Coverage of extra-hospital costs

It should always be part of any health plan, because after all, OPD expenses represent 75% of your lifetime medical expenses.

Although you are unlikely to land in the hospital every month, you may need to have regular health checks.

And it doesn’t stop at expensive drugs. You will also need to undergo several lab tests.

Those drug bills, doctor’s fees, and lab test fees often add up to an astronomical amount, so it makes sense for your health plan provider to cover them, no strings attached.

Also, we never consider visits to a dentist or ophthalmologist to be included in our plans. They are also an indispensable part of your health care. So your health plan should also cover these expenses.



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