What is Queen Latifah’s net worth? All About Her Fortune As She Receives Lifetime Achievement Award At 2021 BET Awards

Queen Latifah, also known by her original name Dana Elaine Owens, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from BET 2021. The ceremony was hosted by “Empire” star Taraji P Henson. In addition, Queen Latifah has also been honored with tribute performances of her songs like “UNITY” and “Ladies First” by Lil ‘Kim, Rapsody, Monie Love and MC Lyte.

The industry veteran artist, 51, delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting his gratitude. She said:

“I’m so moved I don’t even know what to say … I want to thank BET for creating an outlet for beautiful Blackness to flourish, shine.”

Queen Latifah added that:

“When we couldn’t be broadcast on the radio and elsewhere, we couldn’t broadcast our videos elsewhere, there was BET that allowed us to be in our fullness.”

She concluded by saying that:

“I have always celebrated the woman, because I was raised by a strong black woman and raised by a father who loves women,” she said. “We cannot live without each other. I wanted to celebrate us because I know that together we are stronger than when we tear each other apart. “

Queen Latifah also showed her respect to other female performers in the audience. Next, the star of “The Equalizer (2021)” thanked his fans and concluded his speech with “Peace and happy Pride”.

What is Queen Latifah’s net worth?

Queen Latifah.  Image via: Michael Kovac / Getty Images
Queen Latifah. Image via: Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Before Queen Latifah was a well-known film and television star, she immersed herself in the music industry. According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Queen Latifah is worth around $ 70 million, thanks in large part to her successful acting and singer career.

“Living Single” star Queen Latifah received a salary of $ 10 million for her 2005 film, “Beauty Shop.” In addition, she also starred in major films like “Chicago” which earned her an Oscar nomination in 2002. This further bolstered her recognition in the industry. In 2003, his film “Bringing Down the House” reportedly grossed him around $ 1 million.

Queen Latifah’s musical career has also contributed a significant portion of her fortune. It is estimated that she has sold over two million records. In addition, his single “UNITY”, released in 1993, won him a Grammy Award and placed 23rd on the Billboard Hot 100.

As an actress, she has 101 acting credits under her belt and over 50 soundtrack credits in TV shows and movies. This means that she receives compensation every time her music is used as a soundtrack. However, it also depends in part on the deal she made with the respective record companies of her songs.

Queen Latifah has over 48 credits as a producer (including executive producer). This includes shows like the reboot of “The Equalizer” with her and the third season of MTV’s Scream: Resurrection. She has also produced her own films like “Beauty Shop” and “Bringing Down the House”.

Bananas [Who you gonna call?]The singer also has branded mentions which add to her fortune. Queen Latifah has been the spokesperson for CoverGirl since 2006. She has also partnered with the brand for her own line of cosmetics, the “Queen Collection”. In addition, she also supported Pizza Hut.

Queen Latifah has a multi-faceted talent, which allows her to further increase her fortune. In addition to her career as an actress, singer, producer and brand, she has also written three books. The long line of accomplishments only signals that his fortunes are set to grow.

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