What is Matthew Macfadyen’s net worth and how much does he earn per episode portraying Tom Wambsgans?

Tom Wambsgans dominated the Succession Season 3 finale, but what is Matthew Macfadyen’s net worth? Despite the 47-year-old English actor’s many roles in television, film and theater over the years, his best-known role remains as Tom on HBO. Succession. All the major players negotiated salary increases ahead of Season 3, but did that include Macfayden? Take a look at Matthew Macfadyen’s net worth and how much he earns per episode from Succession compared to the rest of the cast.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains light spoilers from the Succession Season 3 Finale — Episode 9 ‘All the Bells Say.’]

“Succession”: Matthew Macfadyen | Graeme Hunter / HBO

Macfadyen’s character ‘Succession’ Tom Wambsgans is as heartless as the rest

Matthew Macfadyen started increasing his net worth when he took on the role of Tom Wambsgans in Succession. He explained to Entertainment Weekly that his interest in the HBO series stems in part from the fact that he had never acted on an American show before and in part because of the name.

“Wambsgans is just a glorious name,” he told the outlet. “It’s ‘uterus’ and ‘glands’ all mixed together. It kind of told me everything I needed to know about the character.

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Viewers sometimes feel bad for Tom – when Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) admitted in Succession Season 2 that she cheated on him and wanted an open marriage the day before their wedding. In Season 3, she tells Tom that she doesn’t like him while they talk badly. However, fans can’t feel too bad for his character – he withheld information from Bill Lockhart (Mark Blum) about the sexual assault allegations. Plus, he treats his protégé, Greg (Nicholas Braun), like crap most of the time.

In addition, this Succession The Season 3 finale revealed that Tom leaked information to Shiv. He used what she said to stomp her on her way to the top, to sit next to her father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Tom fits perfectly into the family business of destroying each other.

Matthew Macfadyen Net Worth and How Much He Earns Per Episode of “Estate”

Before joining the Succession actors, Macfadyen starred alongside Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Bennett as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (2005). He notes that he always gets arrested on the streets for the role. According to IMDb, the actor is also well known for playing Athos in The three Musketeers (2011) and Daniel in Death at funeral (2007). However, Succession was Macfadyen’s first American role.

When executive producer Jesse Armstrong began production of Succession Season 1, each of the main actors, including Matthew Macfadyen, made $ 100,000 per episode. For Succession Season 2, the actors earned the same salary per episode. Since the first two seasons had 10 episodes each, Macfadyen made $ 2 million for starring in the HBO series.

The actor of

“Succession” Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook | Graeme Hunter / HBO

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According to Deadline, the main Succession the cast members each received a salary increase, in the order of $ 300,000, for season 3. Macfadyen’s salary jumped to around $ 350,000 per episode for a total of $ 3.5 million. for the season. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Matthew Macfadyen’s net worth is around $ 3 million, with the majority coming from his work in Succession.

Who is Matthew Macfadyen married to in real life?

Matthew Macfadyen’s on-screen relationship between Tom and Shiv looks nothing like his almost 20 years with Keeley Hawes. The couple met in 2002 on the set of the ghosts and continue to act together today. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Macfadyen admitted that maintaining a marriage is not an easy profession. However, the couple make it work. They have two children together, Maggie, 17, and Ralph, 15. Macfadyen is also the stepfather of Hawes’ son from his previous marriage, Myles, 21.

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