What are mayors for guaranteed income? What does it mean?

Mayors for a guaranteed income is a network of mayors who each champion a guaranteed income to ensure that all Americans have a minimum level of income they can count on.

A number of mayors across the United States are behind the movement, from the east coast to the west coast and a lot in between.

“In a country that works for all of us, no one who works full time should be stuck in poverty or worry about making ends meet,” said Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.

What is guaranteed income?

A guaranteed income is a monthly cash payment made without conditions for individuals. It is unconditional and without work demands.

The idea behind a guaranteed income is that everyone should have enough money to meet their basic needs, and a guaranteed income is meant to supplement existing benefits, not replace them.

Embrace the guaranteed income of mothers

Mayors for Guaranteed Income have proposed a pilot guaranteed income program in the form of Embrace Mothers to Birmingham City Council.

Pending city council approval, the program would give 110 Birmingham residents $ 375 per month over a 12-month period. The City of Birmingham is a partner in the pilot project and would not be responsible for the selection of candidates.

How are the participants selected?

The Center for Guaranteed Income Research insists that the pilot app will randomly select participants. The city has no authority over the selection process and will not be aware of individual data or information about applicants.

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