Village Green Golf Course Net Income Still On The Rise Through July

By Kevin Boneske

HOWARD – The Village Green Golf Course continues to post record total revenue in 2021.

Administrative services manager Chris Haltom said last month that Village Green had total sales of $ 553,996 through July.

This exceeds the previous best year for the first seven months by over $ 131,000 with $ 422,037 in 2007.

“The golf course is doing very well,” said Haltom. “A few new amenities have been added during this year.”

He said the course is in great condition and has had excellent weather this year.

“Rounds of golf have increased a lot this year,” said Haltom. “Overall everything went very well.

He said expenses were higher than in previous years, which was to be expected, given that the cost of operations will increase with greater use of the route, and salary costs are higher with more work being done to maintain the course. restaurant and golf course in good condition.

Until July, the total reported expenses were $ 344,272, more than $ 42,000 more than the same period last year and the highest since 2017.

Haltom said fuel expenses were on the rise with more golf carts rented, totaling a record $ 97,236 for cart rentals through July, up from $ 69,464 for the same period last year.

He said spending on golf courses also increased by more than $ 43,000 from the previous year, to $ 212,880.

The report said golf course operations revenue was $ 395,444, while restaurant revenue stood at $ 138,552 through July.

Compared to 2020, total revenues are up over $ 140,000 for the same period, with net income of $ 198,975.

General fund

Haltom said the village general fund reported excess income over expenses of more than $ 1.4 million for the first seven months, up from $ 868,902 in 2020 and $ 932,179 in 2019.

“For some reason it’s a little scary for me,” he said. “I think the numbers should be worse than they are (in the general fund).”

Haltom said general fund income was 70.74% of the budget through July, more than in the past two years, while spending was 54.29%, lower than in the past two years. 2020 and 2019.

He said Nouryon had reduced his donation by $ 15,000 for naming rights to the park and that village insurance was being paid for the year and under budget.

However, Haltom said the village might have to pay a few deductibles if it has insurance claims, “otherwise we are really in good shape to want to spend, and the income generated is higher than we were in the year. last”.

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