Tips for a memorable party with minimal expenses –

As the world celebrates Father’s Day today, a company, idafrica has given some tips on how to make the day memorable, but on the cheap.

Some of the tips according to a statement released on Sunday include:

try something new

Involve the family and organize a food pairing evening at home. Take to the internet and find out which dishes go best with his favorite drink – wine, brandy and rum are all big contenders and, for the dad who prefers a non-alcoholic option, try ginger ale, teas sweets or lemonade.

Not only is this a great bonding activity, but seeing each other’s reactions to couples could be invaluable.

Relive his childhood

Instead of buying something that might sit on the shelf and gather dust, give Dad a fun time at the arcade. We are all still kids at heart and an experience like this will stand out from the rest. Buy a few coins and let him try his luck on old favorites (think pinball), as well as new attractions like VR experiences. If your local arcade is well equipped, you can end the day with ten-pin bowling – always a crowd pleaser!

Take a road trip

Nothing beats bonding in the car to the soundtrack of your best years. First, plan out all the stops you plan to visit on your road trip and ask dad if there are any places he’d like to see too. Once you have your game plan, grab some snacks and hit the road. Traveling is a great way to spend quality time together, create new memories, and reminisce about old times. Who knows, some of his past adventures might resurface and help you understand Dad better.

Enjoy great entertainment

After a whole day of showing Dad your love and appreciation, pop some popcorn and settle in front of the TV for the final event. DStv’s Box Office movie rental service is packed with some of the best movies to help you end the day on a high.

Catch Eternals, a Marvel movie about Eternal beings who must protect Earth from deviants; Marry Me, an unconventional romantic comedy starring Owen Wilson and J-Lo; or Thando, the dramatic story of a woman who falls in love with her blessed.

Keep the budget in check this Father’s Day by giving Dad the ultimate gift – your time. Don’t forget to download the DStv app to enjoy live streaming services and the MyDStv app to manage your subscription from the comfort of your home.

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