The State creates 41,400 jobs; the unemployment rate drops to 4.6%



(The Center Square) — California’s economy, the nation’s largest, added 41,400 nonfarm payroll jobs in April, up from 60,200 new hires in March, according to a federal survey of 80,000 businesses, the department reported. development of state employment. Meanwhile, the state’s unemployment rate fell to 4.6% in April from 4.9% in March, according to a federal survey of 5,100 California households.

The US unemployment rate was 3.6% in April as the national economy added 428,000 new hires. In March, US nonfarm payroll employment added 431,000 jobs with an unemployment rate of 3.6%. The Golden State recorded 14% of the growth in nonfarm payroll employment in the United States in March.

In March and April, job growth in California and the United States appears to be slowing. Despite or because of this shift, California Governor Gavin Newsom has weighed in on the state’s role as a place for job creation.

“California continues to lead the nation’s economic recovery,” he said in a prepared statement, “bringing more people back to work and out of unemployment than the rest of the country. But we know more work is needed. to support the economy and help offset the higher costs families are facing right now – California’s record $97.5 billion surplus is going straight into the pockets of Californians and addressing the most existential challenges of our state, fostering growth and opportunity for everything.”

Rising gasoline prices affect household and employer spending on goods and services. In April, California again had the highest gas price among the 50 states and DC, according to at the California Business Roundtable.

Unlike February and March, when none of California’s 11 industrial sectors lost jobs, in April three California employment sectors lost nonfarm payroll jobs. The construction industry lost the most, losing 13,200 jobs in April due to rain, an anomaly in drought-stricken California.

Meanwhile, California leisure and hospitality employers led the way in payroll employment growth in April with 21,100 new hires and a year-over-year addition of 331,700 jobs. Next come professional and business services with 11,400 new hires and a year-on-year addition of 131,700 jobs.

The state’s unemployment rate for some interior counties was more than double California’s 4.6% in April. Unemployment in Colusa County recorded rates of 10.1% and 11.7% in Imperial County in April.

In contrast, California’s coastal areas recorded lower unemployment rates in April than the state. Santa Clara County had an unemployment rate of 2.1% in April, with 1.9% in San Mateo and 2.2% in San Francisco counties, respectively.

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