Talent Business Affairs Expert Forms Exclusive Alliance with Advertising Industry’s Leader in Payroll to Provide Deeper Support to Advertisers and Agencies

After 36 years of providing first-class business services to hundreds of clients in the rapidly changing entertainment and advertising environment, my business has continued to grow. Having a partner like TEAM has allowed me to grow with confidence, knowing that we share the same ideas in the level of service we offer to clients and the subject matter expertise available for stimulating projects that have become the rule, not the exception ”, said Pam Lipschitz, president of Checks in Motion.

We have enjoyed working with Pam on many projects over the years. Our two companies are on a growth trajectory. We share the same ideas in our approach to working with clients. Solidifying the relationship just makes sense “, added Justin kramer, President and CEO of The TEAM Companies.

For more information on this alliance, please contact [email protected]

Learn more about TEAM companies on www.theteamcompanies.com and checks in motion at www.checksinmotion.com.

SOURCE TEAM companies; Checks in motion

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