She might not be as rich as Beyoncé, but she could be someday

When it comes to celebrity power couples, there’s no doubt that the ultimate King and Queen are Jay-Z and Beyoncé. With a combined net worth of over $ 1.8 billion, it can be easy to overlook the separate net worth of the couple’s children. Specifically, their eldest child, Blue Ivy Carter (9), has garnered a lot of attention after appearing alongside her elite parents at several star-studded events.

Let’s go over the biggest moments in Blue Ivy’s small career in order to calculate her own net worth. While it goes without saying that she won’t be close to her parents’ staggering numbers, there’s a good chance the young Blue Ivy is on her way to achieving her status.

Blue Ivy’s fame started before she even said her first word

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While many people spend years, decades, or even entire lifetimes trying to achieve some degree of fame, Blue Ivy’s first taste of stardom came when she was still a newborn baby. That’s right, baby Blue entered the Billboard charts at the age of just a few weeks when his father Jay-Z sampled his screams in his chart-topping song “Glory”. While the sample is undeniably adorable, few could have predicted that this would be just the start of a very legitimate and promising career.

Creative efforts and recognition for Blue Ivy

It was more or less as soon as Blue Ivy was able to walk and talk that she started to transform from a simple sample on a song to being the artist responsible for one. Blue Ivy contributed to the making of her mother’s videos, while also proving to be a very competent artist; even with these awe-inspiring feats, his creative abilities aren’t exclusively behind the scenes.

At just 4 years old, Blue Ivy appeared on Jay-Z’s 4:44 album where she showed her own rap prowess by delivering the impressive Blue’s Freestyle, which her father loved so much that he commissioned an animated clip from her.

It wouldn’t be the end of Blue Ivy’s creative endeavors, however, rather than the beginning. Turning from influence from one superstar parent to another, Blue Ivy appeared in several of Beyoncé’s visual album Experience clips, Black is king.

Blue Ivy would also hone her vocal skills by narrating the audiobook version of “Hair Love” and teaming up with her mom to create the incredibly catchy. GIRL WITH BROWN SKIN, which also includes features from SAINt JHN and WizKid. Not only did Blue Ivy earn a place in Grammy history by being the second youngest winner of the aforementioned song, but she also returned home with a coveted BET award in early 2020.

Calculating Blue Ivy’s Net Worth

So, with all the facts on the table, it’s time to start assessing young Blue Ivy’s own net worth. Taking into account his many victories, his musical achievements, and his parents’ future legacy, Electric Ride on Cars estimated Blue Ivy’s net worth at around a billion. While that number may only be about half of their parents’ combined worth, a billion net worth for someone who hasn’t even reached the age of 10 is breathtaking. .

As Blue continues to study from her parents’ awesome practices, while also developing her own presence as a multi-faceted artist, she will reach the same level as her parents in no time. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have both overcome many difficulties in their lives and have developed a keen sense of investments and productions. As Blue Ivy was born and raised in this environment and already shows herself to be a talented designer, it’s easy to imagine that one day it will be her parents with the lowest net worth.

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