Report: Put “Aim High” on Shortlist for Vacant Baseball Ops President

NEW YORK- The Mets are said to be aiming for the stars in their search for president of baseball operations.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, the Mets “aim very high” and have already put together a short list of candidates that includes some heavy hitters in the form of: Billy Beane, Theo Epstein and David Stearns.

However, the Mets’ previous request to interview Stearns, who is currently president of baseball operations and general manager of the Brewers, was turned down by Milwaukee last year in New York’s first unsuccessful attempt to fill the position.

As for Beane and Epstein, those are two names the Mets have also been linked to recently. And source says Epstein will “definitely be in play” for Mets.

A case for Epstein

After stepping down as president of baseball operations with the Chicago Cubs, Epstein accepted a position as an advisor in the commissioner’s office, where he currently resides. However, he would seek to take over the helm of baseball operations for an organization, but might also want partial involvement.

It’s unclear whether Mets owner Steve Cohen would be willing to respond to this request or not, but if that means bringing in a prominent executive to help achieve Cohen’s goal of winning a World Series in 3 to 5 years, then he could very well consider that. road.

Remember, Epstein notably helped break two curses in his career. First with the Red Sox in 2004 where he helped end their 80-year title drought, then in 2016 with the Cubs, leading the charge in building the squad that won their first World crown. Series in 108 years.

The Mets are in the midst of a 35-year league-less spell, and if some things really do happen in threes, as the old superstition says, Epstein just might be the man to bring the trophy back to New York.

A case for Beane

As for Beane, he and Mets team president Sandy Alderson have enjoyed a long and deep relationship, given the time they have spent together at the Oakland Athletics front office. This automatically brings a meeting into play.

But while Beane’s current job with the Oakland Athletics is vice president of baseball operations, which is technically a step below the role of president of the Mets, New York may still need the blessing of A’s owner, John Fisher, before he can interview Beane, who has one. -year on his remaining contract.

As The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal recently speculated, Fisher could let Beane go to the Mets in order to save money and also promote general manager David Forst to president of baseball operations.

The Athletics stadium situation is also a mess, leading the group of owners to consider the idea of ​​moving the team to Las Vegas. A move Beane probably wouldn’t want to participate in.

Rosenthal also believes A manager Bob Melvin could follow Beane if he chooses to go to the Mets, as the duo have spent the past 11 seasons together at Oakland.

For Beane, who turns 60 next March, this could be her last chance to lead a large market team in the Northeast that has no payroll constraints due to its billionaire owner.

Beane has built an illustrious career as a front office executive in Oakland, despite having little to work with, operating with a payroll of the past five years. Imagine what he could do with the huge Mets budget?

This aspect could make it a perfect match for both parties. The Mets drafted Beane as the No.1 pick in the 1980 MLB Draft as a player. And now his career could come full circle next year if he decides to jump ship and come to Queens.

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