Raoul Pal Net Worth 2021 – How rich is the CEO of Real Vision?

When it comes to prominent wealth among businessmen, starting in hedge funds is a common path. But that certainly doesn’t guarantee wealth, and to say that Raoul Pal is great in the hedge fund world doesn’t come close to doing justice to his accomplishments, which are many and varied, especially when it comes to his recent ones. forays into the world. of cryptocurrency.

Pal, whose current net worth is estimated at around $ 45 million. began his career obtaining a degree in economics and law from the University of Plymouth in the UK. He then landed a job as sales manager at Dow Jones Telerate, but Pal’s move to wealth began when he became head of European hedge fund sales for Goldman Sachs. From there he became a portfolio manager at GLG Partners, and Raoul’s big leap began when he launched his own company, The Global Macro Investor, in 2005.

The news service has provided research and analysis to many large hedge funds and pension funds, and the wealth Pal has amassed through this venture and his consultancy business has enabled him to live a seaside life. in Valencia, Spain.

But it was the founding of Real Vision in 2013 that truly propelled Raoul to the fore. Frustrated by what he saw as the inability of traditional media companies to keep up with and adapt to changing markets, the on-demand financing chain Pal founded with his visionary colleague Grant Williams became a huge success. .

How? ‘Or’ What? Part of what makes Pal so fascinating is his ability to portray himself as a nonconformist who prides himself on going in the opposite direction of the financial herd. The investment ideas featured on Real Vision and its 20/20 newsletter include advice from self-made billionaires, top hedge fund managers and other financial luminaries. It’s an intoxicating mix, and Pal has continued his success with Real Vision by making bold predictions and moves in the cryptocurrency world.

It made a lot of money on Bitcoin, mainly focusing on its mercurial growth when others called it a fad, and Pal recently caused a stir by saying that Ethereum was at an early stage of its development that mirrors that. of Bitcoin.

Pal has also taken the plunge when it comes to his belief in both platforms. At the end of last year, he announced that he would sell all of his gold holdings and use them to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. The end result is that around 98% of his cash holdings are now in cryptocurrency. It was a bold move, but based on Pal’s previous success, it seems unlikely he will turn on him.

Personally, he has made some bold moves on this front as well. In 2019, the once divorced Pal married Anoush, a therapist, and their wedding took place in Marrakech.

Pal said he was retiring previously, but it seems unlikely. He lives in the Cayman Islands with Anoush, and he’s quite active on Twitter, so it’s not as if his financial opinions have become less visible. Expect him to be a major player in the cryptocurrency world as he plans his next move, which will undoubtedly be both bold and unconventional.

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