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Paul and Rachel from Tat Studio and Dino from Dino’s Carvings were recognized at the Pleasanton City Council meeting on August 18 for their contribution to the renovation of the Pleasanton Police Department lobby. Absent from photo: Felix and Brandy Fuentes of Happy to Help All Around Services. CHRISTELLE TROELL | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Pleasanton Mayor and Council paid tribute to area workers during National Payroll Week, heard a report about child abuse, honored a hero and thanked those who ‘redecorated’ the ‘lobby’ lackluster” of the police department.

Mayor Clint Powell and council members issued a “Payroll Professionals” proclamation celebrating National Payroll Week and honoring the professionals for the work they do at the August 18 meeting.

A proclamation was presented by the mayor to Denise Kelley, payroll assistant at Holt Caterpillar.

Citizen comments

*Parking: The lack of adequate handicapped parking spaces at the city’s River Park was addressed by a citizen who urged the city to provide additional space.

*Assessment District: Arthur Troell addressed the council: “Wage increases for employees in the Atascosa Assessment District have not kept pace with wage increases in other Assessment Districts of Texas for the past ten years or so,” he told the board.

Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez honored Katarina for her heroic efforts following a June 30 standoff at the Valero on 281.

Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez honored Katarina for her heroic efforts following a June 30 standoff at the Valero on 281.

“Based on the work of our appraisers and clerks, and the taxes the city levies on the appraised value of property in the city, the return on your investment (ROI) is approximately $46 for every $1 that it costs you (and other taxing entities) for your share of the assessment district budget Your vote to approve the ACAD budget would be appreciated.

Chief Assessor Michelle Berdeaux addressed the board with additional information not included in the budget. She returns to the changes made to the budget, the number of plots now available to the municipality and the calculation of the formulas used.

She noted that the district has five assessors but is expected to have seven as 1,823 accounts have been added. The district expects 2,000 more in the next two years.

The district used to hold an average of 45 protests, but now has about 60, she added.

Children’s Alliance

Kasey Brown of the Children’s Alliance of South Texas spoke to the council about their program.

“The Alliance has 70 centers and covers five counties working with area police departments, CASA, etc.”

Between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021, the Children’s Alliance conducted 240 forensic interviews; had 34 workloads of therapists; organized 445 sessions for children and 73 sessions for adults. There are 92 people on a waiting list for counselling, she noted.

Statistics indicate that one in five children are sexually solicited online; 1 in 10 disclose abuse; 65,000 cases of child abuse have been confirmed in one year and 185 Texan children will now be victims of abuse.

The Board then unanimously approved the following items:

* AEP Texas construction contribution agreement in the amount of $209,219.24.

* A Letter of Agreement with the U.S. Air Force 47th Operations Group assigned to Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas for the use of Pleasanton Municipal Airport for take-offs and landings .

Council unanimously approved the immediate demolition and granting of a lien for accrued expenses at the following locations: 633 Sanchez Avenue; 322 Patrick Avenue; and 207 River Street.

The Board then agreed to commence the second round of Business Ventures program grants as requested by the EMS Strategy Group and also approved the publication of a Request for Qualifications for Audit Services for the Town of Pleasanton as requested of the city manager.

Johnny Huizar.

The meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

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