Ottawa Councilor Rick Chiarelli is back on the City’s payroll after serving a salary suspension for misconduct

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Ottawa Council Rick Chiarelli receives a paycheck again.

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Chiarelli’s 450-day pay suspension, ordered by city council for conduct violations in light of an investigation by the Integrity Commissioner, ended on Saturday. He was eligible to start receiving his salary again on Sunday.

Two women who worked in Chiareli’s office and three women who were questioned by the college councilor for jobs lodged complaints about his obscene and inappropriate behavior.

Chiarelli has denied the allegations.

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  2. Com.  Rick Chiarelli is now released from the hospital after undergoing medical tests.

    Rick Chiarelli was released from hospital after undergoing tests

The council had ordered the city to direct Chiarelli’s suspended salary funds to organizations that help victims of domestic violence.

City Clerk Rick O’Connor said $ 79,300 has been distributed to the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women and the Minwaashin Lodge. The two groups received equal payments of $ 39,650. The city expects to provide an additional $ 50,000, split between the two organizations, now that Chiarelli’s salary suspension is over.

Chiarelli and the city are awaiting a decision from the Divisional Court on a request by the councilor challenging the jurisdiction of the Integrity Commissioner.

The Integrity Commissioner recommended that the board suspend Chiarelli’s pay for the legislated maximum of 90 days for each violation of the board’s code of conduct.

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