Nyesha Arrington Net Worth: Next Level Chef Judge Shuts Down Restaurant Due To Rising Costs

Since Nyesha Arrington made her debut as a contestant for Season 9 of “Top Chef”, the incredibly talented chef has managed to win everyone over. Even though she didn’t win the cooking contest, she continued to remain one of the show’s most beloved contenders among fans.

Thanks to her popularity and incredible cooking skills, Nyesha quickly became a staple of various cooking shows and cooking contests on television. She will soon appear on FOX’s new “Next Level Chef” show where she will mentor five home cooks for a chance to win the grand prize of $ 250,000. All of her hard work and hustle and bustle helped Nyesha amass an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 million. We have to add that Nyesha has had a wild and bumpy ride on the road to success, including the closure of two of her restaurants. If you’re curious about Nyesha’s background and her net worth, read on.


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What is Nyesha Arrington’s net worth?

According to reports, Nyesha’s net worth has been estimated at $ 1.5 million. This can be attributed to his successful career in the culinary world. From an early age, Nyesha developed a keen interest in cooking and food. Being born into a diverse and multicultural family, the chef has been exposed to various cuisines. Whether it was watching her Korean grandmother fend for herself in the kitchen or helping her Back aunts, Nyesha’s palace was truly global.

She graduated from the prestigious Culinary School of the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles in 2001. Working under the guidance of her mentor and renowned chef Josiah Citrin, and legendary French chef Joël Robuchon, she honed her culinary skills. After gaining invaluable skills, Nyesha was ready to go for it on her own. So, she teamed up with a couple and opened her first restaurant called Leona in Venice. The restaurant received rave reviews, but she had to withdraw from the business after two years due to the tense situation between her catering partners after their divorce.

In an interview with Eater, she shared, “It was in Venice, in that three story building. When I walked in there, my intention was, ‘I’m going to hang up my hat here and live here and work here for always .’ That same month, I met my boyfriend for almost five years, and he lived 100 meters from Venice. So I spent two years working, freelancing, moving across town and country, to align all my stars. [Our team at Leona] had two years of amazing and magical memories, then the husband and wife I partnered with divorced. It wasn’t easy for me to be there anymore, so I left. “” In all honesty and transparency, I was wide eyed, young and stupid. I didn’t ask a lawyer to look at my stuff. I was just like, ‘I’m just gonna kill him, and we can review it all [legal] stuff later. I continue to learn life lessons. I am resilient, I guess. It’s hard. I firmly believe in failure upwards, ”she added.

But she didn’t have to wait too long for another dream opportunity to come knocking on her door, as eight months after Leona closed, Nyesha opened another restaurant called Native in 2017. She started Native in the aim of serving fresh, local seasonal produce to its customers. Even though the restaurant received many rave reviews, Nyesha had to say goodbye to her second restaurant less than two years later due to rising minimum wages and high operating costs. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she explained, “The minimum wage has gone up, and our rent is crazy and it’s just hard to make a profit and see it as a business when there’s so much overhead. “

Today, Nyesha owns and operates a full-service chef consulting and catering business. Traveling the world for speaking engagements and dinner collaborations. Although her greatest enthusiasm will always be to dive into the creative process and cook “soulful foods”.

‘Next Level Chef’ will air January 2, 2022 on FOX.

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