Nick Castellanos talks about Reds’ wage bill reduction and loss of fans

Nick Castellanos went on the Chris Rose rotation and let it all hang out. The All-Star outfielder has let it be known that the Cincinnati Reds didn’t even call him after he opted out of his contract after the 2021 season.

Rose asked Castellanos several questions about the state of the Reds and Major League Baseball in general. Castellanos’ comments about Reds ownership weren’t very flattering, although the slugger didn’t overshadow general manager Nick Krall. In fact, Castellanos called Krall “really good.”

Most of the things Nick Castellanos talked about during the interview aren’t earth-shattering news. Anyone who has listened to the Cincinnati Reds offseason over the past two years would agree with Castellanos. The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder says the Reds have reduced their payroll.

Castellanos, when asked by Rose whether or not he would have appreciated a phone call from the Reds front office to inform him that the club could not afford it, last year’s Silver Slugger Award winner replied by asking, “How do you know what you can afford if you don’t make an offer?”

Nick Castellanos offered a variety of opinions and spoke at length about the business side of the game of baseball. Castellanos agreed with Rose when the host said he felt bad for the city of Cincinnati.

“We didn’t get there by looking at this game as a business. We got there by looking at this game as our life.”

– Nick Castellanos, Phillies outfielder

Castellanos grouped Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in the same conversation; talk about the rich baseball history that both cities have enjoyed over the years and express sadness at how fans in those respective communities have lost faith in the property’s ability to put a winning product on the field.

Nick Castellanos went a step further, suggesting that Major League Baseball is probably cool with the idea of ​​losing “real fans” because the league orients everything towards the game. Castellanos wants to see baseball market the game more towards the game. victory and what happens in the clubhouse rather than the over/under and money lines.

The former Cincinnati Reds slugger didn’t hold back, and the majority of fans probably agree with what Nick Castellanos had to say. The Reds could definitely use Castellanos’ bat in their lineup as the 30-year-old hits .306/.382/.571 with three homers.

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