New homeowner incentives could help low-income renters in San Joaquin County

Affordable housing isn’t easy to find in San Joaquin County, but new homeowner incentives could help low-income renters. The incentives range from guaranteed rental income to the payment of premiums for leasing.

San Joaquin County, the Local Housing Authority and the City of Stockton are teaming up to provide housing for veterans and low-income households.

The Housing Authority is already helping more than 4,000 people with rent assistance, but another 400 families with vouchers are still looking for accommodation to rent.

County supervisor Kathy Miller said the incentives offered include help with security deposits, utility start-up and guaranteed rent through September 2023.

“It’s not ‘trust us and we’ll pay you back later’,” she said. “These are upfront dollars. It’s guaranteed money our owners can count on for the foreseeable future. “

The Housing Authority is also receiving an additional 232 emergency vouchers from the federal government worth over $ 2 million a year, but that’s money it would lose if not used. Housing Authority director Peter Ragsdale said the county was short of 24,000 affordable units, based on income.

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