“Michael Jordan would never be a clown like LeBron James!” : Skip Bayless Brings Back GOAT Debate After Jonas Valenciunas Mocks Billion-Dollar Man’s Expenses

Skip Bayless somehow compares Jonas Valenciunas’ LeBron James ‘clown’ to Michael Jordan

When it comes to Skip Bayless, LeBron James can never quite catch a break, can he?

Year after year, this 70-year-old man finds one reason or another to roast the King. Heck, just recently he even criticized the player’s recent performance in the Drew League. Truly, there are levels to hating Bron, and Mr. Bayless unequivocally presents himself as the king.

But, given the number of people after James’s life, Skip Bayless has to keep finding new ways to keep doing the same thing to keep his place. And recently, he received everything he needed to get there.

You see, Jonas Valenciunas from Pelicans did it recently on a Lithuanian TV show.

Frankly, it seems like nothing more than a bit of fun. But, Bayless obviously decided to make a mountain out of a tiny little molehill. And boy, did he make one.

Let’s go, okay?

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Skip Bayless Says No One Would Ever Mock Michael Jordan The Way LeBron James Made Fun Of

Oh yes. And somehow it went from nothing more than a bit of fun to a real “clown”.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at how Skip Bayless references the whole situation in the tweet below.

Let’s be clear here. MJ played in a completely different era.

While players on opposing teams were friends, they didn’t exactly have a relationship where they could laugh when another player made a good-natured joke about them.

And overall, we get that Skip Bayless wants content. Heck, we know how many viewers the names of Michael Jordan and LeBron James alone bring in.

But sometimes, Almighty Lord, does this man need a serious dose of the cold pill from the doctor.

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