KSRTC deeply in debt; Expenditure exceeds revenue, private bus owners strike, KSRTC

Kalikavu (Malappuram): KSRTC incurs expenses twice its income. This was revealed in response to a question posed by AP Anil Kumar to the assembly.

The income of KSRTC per day is Rs 4.39 crore but the expenses stand at Rs 8.76 crore. These costs include pensions and salaries. The daily loss of KSRTC is Rs 4.37 crore. It was clarified that the loss relates to the months of October, November and December 2021.

The response also states that KSRTC services have not resumed as in 2019. Only profitable services have resumed. The services that use the loss-making lines will be entrusted to the “Grama Vandi” project, which will be launched in collaboration with the local authorities. Steps have been taken to increase the daily income to Rs 10 crore.

City services started with 108 low-floor buses. The sea bus service with three buses will be opened. In addition to tourist services, two-wheeled services such as electric bicycles, electric scooters and bicycles are also in the anvil.

The cost-effective plans are Thiruvananthapuram-Kozhikode service using low-floor AC buses at hourly intervals throughout the day and night and shuttle service within Thiruvananthapuram town.

In fact, the private bus strike has helped KSRTC earn over Rs 1.5 crore a day from extra services. Average daily income increased from Rs 4.39 crore to over Rs 6 crore. KSRTC earned Rs 6.17 crore and Rs 6.78 crore in the first two days of the private bus strike.

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