Jeff Lutz’s age, career and net worth explored

Jeff Lutz is best known for being one of the leaders in gasoline street outlaw and is commonly credited with being the owner of the infamous car, Mad Max, which is a stunning 1969 Camaro.

Lutz is loved by fans of the show and now they want to know more about his life behind the cameras and in front of the wheel, instead of behind for a change.

reality titbit has all the details about Jeff, from his age and family background to his successful career and huge net worth. Check it out.

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Our Father | Official trailer | netflix





Jeff Lutz. Image: Jeff Lutz returns from a huge crash at Race Daddy Dave | street outlaw

Jeff Lutz’s Age and Family History

Lutz is an American citizen who was born in the United States on May 15, 1970, which makes him 51 years old and 52 in a matter of weeks.

We don’t know the identity of his parents, however, we know they are still around and they and Jeff are said to have a very close bond and family connection. He also has an older brother, whose identity again we don’t know.

He is married to his longtime partner and love of his life, Christine Lutz. They married in 1989 and have been together ever since and had a child together named Jeffery Jr. Lutz.

Jeff’s successful career

Jeff has been in love with cars and all things mechanical since he was a teenager and with his hard work and passion he has managed to turn it into a successful career.

After attending school, Lutz began working as a builder with his own mason crew. However, there was soon a decline in housing projects, so Jeff changed his career to focus on the cars he had loved all his life anyway.

He started racing after his father brought him a 74 Nova Hatchback and after taking part in several races – and doing very well, may we add – he started doing his own car modification with his company and started filming Street outlaw.

With all his success, he started buying, servicing and selling cars and now has a successful business that is doing very well. Besides “Mad Max”, he also owns two Chevrolet Bel Airs and in 2017 he also built a car with his son.

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Jeff’s net worth

Jeff has had a very successful on-screen and off-screen career and according to, as of 2022 his worth is estimated to be around three million dollars.

Most of that he did throughout his career as a runner and reality TV star, with members of the program, which would make over $10,000 per episode.

He also earns his money through his well-established car modification company, and to add a little extra cash, he has done promotional offers in the past and has even been featured in advertisements.



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