Is he still alive? What is the famous Amos doing now?

Wally Amos net worth 2022: On July 1, 1936, in Tallahassee, Florida, Wally Amos was born. After that of his parents divorcehe moved to New York with his aunt Della Bryan, where he lived with her until he was 12 years old. Wally’s Aunt Della taught him to do cakes with chocolate chips when he was a kid. After dropping out of high school, he enlisted in the US Air Force. Amos’ years in the military were spent in Honolulu, Hawaii at Hickam Air Force Base, where he received his GED and was later honorably discharged from the military.


At the William Morris Agency in New York, Amos became the agency’s first African-American talent agent, representing Diana Ross & The Supremes (Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Simon & Garfunkle) and other artists. New talent and a new clientele were attracted by sending them his homemade chocolate cookies and an invitation to meet him. In 1975, Amos opened a store in Los Angeles, California, where he sold his cookies.

Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy loaned him $25,000 to get his business off the ground. In March 1975, the first Famous Amos cookie store opened in Los Angeles. The cookie shop and its owner, Amos, rose to fame almost immediately and exploded in popularity in just five years. “Latka’s Cookies” was an episode of the TV show “Taxi” in which Amos featured.

The famous Amos was making $12 million a year in 1982. In today’s money, he was worth $30 million. It was also the time when Amos was recruited across the country to give motivational talks in addition to publishing books. Unfortunately, this would be the company’s greatest moment of success. Revenues plummeted and profits were lost within a few years. In an effort to keep the business afloat, Wally sold interests at various times. Following the forced sale of Famous Amos, Amos and Lou Avigonne founded The Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company, which later became Uncle Wally’s Muffin Company in 1999, after Amos was forced to sell the business. Over 3,500 retailers across the United States carry the muffins.

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With The Cookie Kahuna, Amos relaunched his cookie business in 2014, however, the business did not last long due to its location in Hawaii at the time. Chocolate chip cookies also come in a variety of flavors, including pecan and macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies. Las Vegas-based NBC affiliate KSNV-TV called Amos “the king of cookies” in 2019. The Great Cookie Comeback: reBaking Wally Amos, a documentary by Jeff MacIntyre about Amos’ life, is due out in 2020. .

name Wally Amos
Real name Wallace Amos
Age 85 years old
Date of Birth July 1, 1936
Place of birth Tallahassee, Florida
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Mass 83kg
Spouse Christine Harris
Children Shawn, Michael and Gregory, Sarah

Love relationship

As of this writing, he is still married to Christine Amos-Harris. At the start of the design of the Famous Amos packaging, she lent a hand. Four children were born to the couple: Shawn Amos, a well-known blues musician, Michael, Gregory and Sarah. From 1977 to 2018, the family was based in Hawaii. In 2018, Wally and Christine moved to Columbia, South Carolina.

Net value

It is estimated that Wally Amos has a network that is worth more than $30 million in spring 2022. Most of her income comes from her entrepreneurial career in baking and writing cookbooks. Wally is also a television personality who earns money from his television appearances and public appearances.

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Wally Amos’ hobby is cooking, and he’s come a long way following it. He can bring food to the table for his family. Se is a kind-hearted man who will always bring kindness to light. He is a great example that can be emulated by many.

Awards and Achievements

Wally has a long list of compelling entrepreneurial success stories. The Residents’ sward for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the Understanding of the Leader’s sward, and the Greater Oratorio sward are all included in this group.

Is Wally Amos still alive?

Most people have followed and sought out Wally Amos, the complex American personality, by now. the 85 years old Wally Amos is still going strong. As the founder of the Famous Amos Cookie Company, he was born on July 1, 1936 in Florida. In 1975, Wally Amos launched America’s best-known cookie brand, Famous Amos.

wally amos net worth

What is the famous Amos doing now?

Wally Amos owns the best known chocolate cookie company, Famous Amos, which is loved by many and for which many people have searched online for more information. They want to know more. Amos The Notorious Has Been Seen… Aunt Della’s Cookies is currently being developed by Amos, who now lives in ColombiaCaroline from the south.


Due to his parents’ separation, Amos had a rough start in his life. However, as soon as he arrived, he slammed the door. He chose New York as his destination. A Vосаtоnаl HIGH SCHOOL FOOD STORE From an early age, he has had a marked interest in cooking, which has never wavered. And her aunt gave her unequivocal support in this endeavor. Everything from chocolate cookies to gourmet cookies, he was fascinated by them all.

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His degree, however, was not complete, and he sinned against the Force before doing so. He worked extremely hard and he was stationed at Sawas. Following his discharge from the military, he managed to earn an excellent high school diploma while still serving in the military. If he hadn’t, the army would have fired him. е was promoted to captain in the army and received a large amount of honor. He is also a graduate, so it can be inferred that he received extensive training.

Other business opportunities

An old acquaintance and publicist of Amos named John Rosica referred Wally to the Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA). Since then, Amos has been a proponent of adult literacy and has volunteered his time and expertise to teach hundreds of adults how to read. As part of Kentucky Education Television’s “Learn to Read” program, he began hosting a television show in 1987 aimed at teaching adults to read.

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