Inside Chris Wallace’s net worth as CNN+ shuts down just weeks after launch

CNN+, the subscription service, will shut down at the end of April, Variety reports.

This decision comes as a shock considering the big names attracted to the platform and, of course, the huge investment that has gone into it.

According to the New York Post, CNN+’s two big acquisitions – Chris Wallace and journalist Kasie Hunt – are set to “reassign to parent cable news or other platforms within the Warner Bros. media empire. Discovery”.

So, let’s take a look at Chris’ fortune and net worth in 2022 as his future in the network remains uncertain.

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A look at Chris Wallace’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris has an estimated net worth of $25 million. He is said to have an annual salary of $7 million.

He reportedly received a big raise when he joined CNN+. Sources told the Post that CNN “overspent on talent,” giving Wallace $9 million a year.

The news anchor has years of industry experience having worked with major networks such as ABC, Fox News, NBC and CBS (where he worked as an intern).

During his career, he has interviewed some of the biggest personalities in politics, including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

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Why is CNN+ closing?

CNN+ launched on March 29, 2022, just a few weeks ago. The service is now set to shut down after the company merged with Warner Bros. Discovery.

CNN Worldwide President and CEO Chris Licht explained in a statement to Insider: “As we become Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN will be strongest within WBD’s streaming strategy which envisions the news as an important part of a broader and compelling offering with sports, entertainment and non-fiction content.

“We have therefore made the decision to cease operations of CNN+ and focus our investments on CNN’s core newsgathering operations and the continued construction of CNN Digital.

“It’s not a decision about quality; we appreciate all the hard work, ambition and creativity that has gone into creating CNN+, an organization with tremendous talent and compelling programming. But our customers and CNN will be better served with easier streaming choices.

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Who is leaving the company?

So far, Andrew Morse, the executive who was supposed to handle CNN+, is confirmed to be leaving.

The network said in a statement, “We are grateful to Andrew for his significant contributions to CNN Digital and CNN+ over the years.”

As of this writing, Chris has yet to comment on CNN’s decision to shut down the streaming service.

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