How much is the quarterback who became a sports journalist worth today?

As a former Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, Tony Romo was a beloved member of the Texas franchise. After his retirement in 2016, fans were thrilled to see him appear in the booth as an NFL broadcaster.

After 14 years in the NFL, he has accumulated career earnings totaling over $ 127 million. And his new record-breaking deal with CBS makes fans wonder: What is Tony Romo worth today?

Tony Romo went from star quarterback to respected sports commentator

Tony Romo in 2018 | Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Romo is a Californian born April 21, 1980. He moved with his family to Wisconsin, where he played many sports in high school, including football. Romo attended Eastern Illinois University, leading the division in passing accuracy as a starting quarterback. Graduated with All-America honors, the young player dreamed of going to the NFL.

In 2003, the Dallas Cowboys picked him as an undrafted rookie, making him their third quarterback and earning him a salary of $ 10,000. For the next two years, Romo sat on the bench.

He eventually started playing as a quarterback and in 2006 got his first chance to throw the ball as a replacement for Drew Bledsoe. The following year, Romo secured the starting position after signing a contract extension worth $ 67.5 million. In 2013, the starting QB renewed his contract with a six-year, $ 108 million contract.

He remained with the Cowboys until 2016, when he retired after a 14-year career. Although he broke several records, Romo has never been to a Super Bowl game. According to Sports Illustrated, he “retired with 34,813 passing yards and 248 touchdowns as well as 117 interceptions on a completion rate of 65.3%.

A year after retiring from the NFL, Romo signed a contract with CBS to become the Senior Sports Analyst of Color. SI reports that he quickly became “one of the best advertisers of all sports.”

Romo is the highest-paid NFL analyst in sports broadcasting history

Celebrity Net Worth calls Romo a “genius commentator” with an estimated net worth of $ 70 million.

As a broadcaster, Romo earned $ 4 million per year under a three-year contract with CBS. In 2020, when the contract was due to expire, ESPN began to express interest.

Inevitably, Romo stayed with CBS after the network offered him a $ 100 million contract with an annual salary of $ 17 million. This makes him “the highest paid sports commentator in history,” reports Celebrity Net Worth.

In 2008, he secured a $ 10 million approval deal with Starter. Since then, Romo has partnered with other brands including DirecTV, Topps, Corona, Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay and Under Armor.

Legendary QB is an integral part of the CBS Sports team

With a knack for predicting plays, Romo quickly became a fan favorite as viewers connected to his sports broadcasting style.

Paired with caller Jim Nantz, the former quarterback easily breaks down offensive lineups. Ranked multiple times as the best broadcast team in the NFL, the duo have a style that “makes you feel like you’re chilling out with your friends over a cold beer during the game.” Everyone is having fun, ”says SportsNaut.

Referring to the father of three as “Romostradamus,” SB Nation says his ability to telegraph coins sets him apart from other former sports analysts turned QB, such as Phil Simms and Troy Aikman.

Romo is “just having fun in a sincere way. It’s nothing that feels forced or pre-planned – it’s genuine, which isn’t that easy to find in the broadcast,” SB Nation said. about his comedic timing.

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