How Michael Rapaport Amassed His $ 8 Million Net Worth

Michael Rapaport has really slowed down his acting over the past couple of years. His last big screen appearances date back to 2016, when he starred in a total of four films. At Steve Carr’s College: the worst years of my life, he did not even appear physically, only lending his voice. He visually appeared as Colin in A standing guy and Dop Wepner in Mandrel.

In Clint Eastwood’s smash hit, Defile, Rapaport joined an illustrious cast with stars like Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart. His role was only minor, however, appearing as a bartender named Pete.

Television has long been the bread and butter of the now 51-year-old actor, and that’s where his last big role was. Since 2017, he stars in the Netflix sitcom Atypical. Despite this downward trend in his acting work, Rapaport still has a net worth of around $ 8 million. Here is a look at how he managed to amass such wealth.


Intended for a life in showbiz

From his childhood, Rapaport was apparently already destined for a life in showbiz. He was born in New York in March 1970. His father David was a big player in the industry, as an executive who worked at a radio station called WKTU / Disco 92. Today the broadcaster is simply called Alt 92.3.

Rapaport’s parents divorced when he was still young and his mother later married comedian Mark Lonow. At the time, Lonow was a co-owner of comedy club The Improv, alongside fellow comedian Budd Friedman.

This journey has strongly influenced the path Rapaport has chosen to follow in his career. Before turning 20, he left New York to try his hand at stand-up in Los Angeles. With the help of his stepfather, he managed to find his place in the industry, first as a comedian and finally as an actor.

In addition to being an actor, Michael Rapaport is also a stand-up comedian

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Throughout the ’90s he landed a steady stream of film jobs, in titles such as True romance, Higher Education, Metro, Cop lands and The deep blue sea. He also began appearing in singular episodes of various TV shows, including The prince of Bel-Air and emergency, among others. RELATED: The Truth About Michael Rapaport’s Relationship With ‘The Howard Stern Show’

has won its fair share

It was in the movies that Rapaport would have really started to make a significant fortune. Among the films listed above, Metro was the only one to have recorded a loss at the box office. Also starring Eddie Murphy, the Thomas Carter-directed action flick grossed $ 32 million, on a production budget of around $ 55 million.

This of course means that the actors would not have earned any additional income after production and screening. Still, as one of the biggest cast members, Rapaport would have gotten his fair share of the budget anyway.

At the other end of this spectrum of success was James Mangold Cop lands and that of Renny Harlin The deep blue sea. With a combined budget of nearly $ 100 million, these were two more productions that would have made the actor even richer from base salary alone. In addition, they ended up being huge commercial successes, making $ 64 million and $ 165 million respectively.

In most cases in Hollywood, the main actors receive between 1% and 3% of the profits of a film. By this metric, those two films would almost certainly have made Rapaport around $ 1 million. RELATED: Kevin Durant fined 50,000 for social media argument with actor Michael Rapaport

Overnight millionaires

In 1999, Rapaport played a character called Gary on the NBC sitcom, Friends, in her first recurring role on television. At the height of the show’s fame, the actors who played the main characters were making $ 1 million per episode. Simply as a guest star, Rapaport would not have gained anything close.

Michael Rapaport during one of his appearances in

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Before becoming millionaires overnight, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc had started their time on the show by scoring around $ 22,500 per episode. It would be a more reasonable estimate to project how much Rapaport would have earned for each tranche of Friends in which he appeared.

His first main television role was in David E. Kelley’s drama series on Fox, Boston Public. As part of the main cast over 57 episodes, he would have made a few million on the show, given that the average lead actor earns between $ 75,000 and $ 150,000 per episode.

A slightly higher amount would have been requested for Escape from prison, arguably Rapaport’s biggest television project. The actors would have received around $ 175,000 for each episode. All these amounts are of course calculated exclusive of tax, as well as the fees of agents and others. Nonetheless, Rapaport has worked in enough projects over the years to bring his net worth to the $ 8 million it is today. NEXT: How “The Daily Show” Host Trevor Noah Amassed His $ 100 Million Mammoth Net Worth

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