How Christian Richard Hit a Net Worth of $20 Million

Christian Richard is a successful software developer who has amassed a net worth of $20 million. He worked for Cisco Systems, Inc. as a software developer before partnering to create the online food delivery service, Foodler, Inc. Richard served as CEO of successful Foodler, Inc. in the United States and parts of Canada. He sold the company to GrubHub and retired at the age of 35. The self-made millionaire is married to model, actress and real estate agent who appeared on reality show Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn. They live in a $5 million house in Los Angeles.

He was born in New Jersey and studied at MIT

Christian Richard Dumontet was born in 1979 and grew up in Middelton Township, New Jersey. A smart young boy, Richard attended the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Baltimore, Maryland. The school and programs are dedicated to the education of gifted children. Richard went on to earn a degree in computer science from the College of New Jersey and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. In 2001, Christian Richard went to work as a software developer at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Foodler, Inc.

In 2007, Chirstian Richard developed and co-founded Foodler, Inc. with partners Edin Arslanagic and John Jannotti. Richard served as CEO of the company. Foodler, Inc. was one of the first online food ordering and delivery services and was privately owned. The company was headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and proved to be very successful. In 10 years, the company has made $500 million in food product sales. Foodler’s website,, ranked restaurants based on customer reviews with recommendations based on order history, user ratings, discounts and delivery. The program remembered users’ favorite foods, location, payment, and tipping preferences. The service helped the user find the best catering and delivery options based on the criteria to speed up the delivery process. In 2017, Foodler, Inc. had $500 million in food product sales. It served 12,000 restaurants in the United States and Vancouver, Canada. 1,200 restaurants were served in the Boston area. The service has not only helped users find the best deals and convenient delivery, but the service has also helped restaurants grow their business.

Foodler added other services as the company grew. A best bets system displayed the best restaurants based on ratings, orders, cuisine, cost and discounts. Foodler offered exclusive offers, discounts and instant rebates. The company has developed a rewards program where users can earn points to redeem instantly. In 2013, Foodler offered an iPhone app that facilitated GPS delivery. He also offered [email protected] for businesses to pre-order food for group meetings and events. In 2014, an iPad and Android application were added. That year, Foodler partnered with LevelUp for an enhanced payment and loyalty program and online menu access. In 2014, Foodler was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as one of Massachusetts’ 20 fastest growing companies. Inc Magazine has recognized Foodler as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. Christian Richard was recognized by Ernst and Young as entrepreneur of the year.

He retired at 35

In 2014, at the height of his success with Foodler, Inc., Christian Richard and his partners sold Foodler, Inc. to GrubHub for $51 million. GrubHub started in 2007 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company added $80 million in food sales in 2017. Richard took the time to travel and moved to Los Angeles, California. He continued to work on new software engineering projects. In early 2019, Christian was looking for a house in Los Angeles. A friend of his future wife went on a date with him, but they didn’t get along. She set up Richard with her friend, real estate agent Christine Quinn to help him find a home. Christine worked as a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group and appeared in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. Richard ended up buying the house and dating Quinn. The couple married in December 2019 in Los Angeles.

His wife

It was in Los Angeles that Christian Richard met his wife, Christine Quinn. Quinn was born in 1988 and grew up in Texas. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. While modeling successfully, Quinn pursued a career in acting. She made her acting debut in The Father of Invention in 2010. That year, she also had roles in the movies Wrong Side of the Street and Super. She also had a television role in Lone Star. Quinn’s film career included Shark Night 3D, Ghost of Goodnight Lane, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Perfect Match, and Sasq-Watch!. Her television career included roles on First Family, Necessary Roughness, Family Tree, Drop Dead Diva, Ballers, NCIS: Los Angeles and Angie Tribecca. In 2016, Quinn took a few years off to travel overseas. During her travels, Quinn developed an interest in architecture and interior design. Upon her return to Los Angeles, she studied real estate and earned a realtor’s license. She joined the Oppenheim Group which lists and sells high-end homes in Los Angeles. Oppenheimer Group real estate agents were featured in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. After their marriage, Christian Richard began appearing on Selling Sunset in season 2. Being a low-key software engineer, he was hesitant to appear on the Netflix real estate television series. Richard agreed to allow Selling Sunset to show the couple’s wedding in December 2019 on the Season 3 show. Christine Quinn left the Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset and now runs her own real estate business.

what he does now

Christian Richard is currently working on a new fintech venture with his Foodler, Inc. partners, Edin Arslanagic and John Janotti. He and his wife Christine live in the $5 million home they bought from Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal Hefner, in 2019. The 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home with a home theater is located in Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. In fact, Christine’s former reality company, The Oppenheim Group, listed the house, and Christine dreamed of one day living in the house with her family. Richard and his wife like to travel abroad whenever they can.

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