How Brian Kilmeade Hit a Net Worth of $10 Million

Brian Kilmeade is one of the TV personalities who works for Fox News. He is not as famous as some of the other TV personalities who work for the same TV channel. However, Kilmeade is remarkable in his own right, as seen in the way he hosts his own television program as well as his own radio program. As such, he seems to have managed to earn quite a bit of money throughout his career.

What is Brian Kilmeade net worth?

Kilmeade’s exact net worth is not publicly known. After all, this kind of information is private, which means it is not revealed to the public unless there is a very good reason for it. Still, there is enough interest in what Kilmeade has done that there are estimates of this figure that can be found there. For example, Celebrity Net Worth estimates her net worth to be $10 million. It is necessarily off the mark. Still, it’s useful for giving interested people a general idea of ​​what Kilmeade is supposed to have done.

How did Brian Kilmeade reach his net worth?

Interestingly, Kilmeade was born in New York. Specifically, he was born in Massapequa, which is in Nassau County. Massapequa is considered a hamlet. However, it is not as small as those interested might expect, as it is home to over 21,000 people while Greater Massapequa is home to over 75,000 people. As such, it’s no exaggeration to say that Massapequa is more populated than some of the towns that can be found there, but to be fair, that says more about these towns than anything else. That said, Kilmeade was born in 1964, so his hometown was probably a very different place than it is now. Family-wise, Kilmeade is not particularly remarkable. He is the son of a woman named Marie Rose D’Andrea, who was born in one area of ​​Queens but raised in another area of ​​Queens. Likewise, he is the son of a man named James Kilmeade Junior. Some people might be interested to know that Kilmeade’s grandfather was an Irishman from the Irish town of Longford who moved to New York in 1925 and then became an American citizen in 1930.

Unsurprisingly, Kilmeade went to high school in Massapequa. Thereafter, he went to a school named LIU Post. The name may sound strange. However, it will make more sense when we learn that LIU Post is located on land that once belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post. She was the daughter of Charles William Post, who may not be very recognizable on his own but should nevertheless be by many interested due to the company that still bears his name. After all, Post Consumer Brands still produces some of the most well-known breakfast cereals in the United States, with examples including, but not limited to, Bran Flakes, Grape-Nuts, and Honeycomb. As for Kilmeade, he graduated from LIU Post with a Bachelor of Arts in 1986. Kilmeade seems to have become interested in television while still in school. This can be seen in how he was a correspondent for Channel One News, which was a high school news program aimed at high school students. Later Kilmeade went on to work with a wide range of programs, which include some rather unexpected names. To cite just one example, he was a member of the announcement team for the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship event in the early 1990s, which was far less well funded and far less organized than its modern counterparts. As part of this role, he also conducted post-fight interviews. Oddly enough, his time with the UFC wasn’t a one-time thing. Instead, Kilmeade continued to work on the second and third Ultimate Fighting Championship events, both of which took place in 1994. For these he handled play-by-play, which was a noticeable upward movement.

Curiously, Kilmeade actually spent a lot of time working as a sports journalist. It wasn’t until 1998 that he became co-host of Fox News’s Fox and Friends, which is the role he tends to be known for. However, if Kilmeade has never reached the same heights as some of his colleagues, it is clear that he has managed to make himself more and more important within the television network over time. For example, he is a regular at The Five. Likewise, he has his own weekend show called One Nation with Brian Kilmeade. On top of that, Kilmeade has done and continues to do a fair amount of radio work, which makes a lot of sense given their target audience. In any case, the rest of Kilmeade’s career was very similar to other personalities working for Fox News. He has written or co-written fiction and non-fiction books. The first two were sports-oriented. However, the latter was already moving towards a discussion of the impact of significant sporting moments on certain individuals, so it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that his subsequent books have focused more on American history. Likewise, Kilmeade has made his share of controversial comments. For example, there was his support for the English Defense League, which tends to be seen as an extremist organisation. Likewise, there was the moment he complained about Americans marrying “other species and other ethnicities,” which was particularly memorable because of a few Americans marrying “Italians and of the Irish”.

Other Considerations

Kilmeade’s lower profile means he makes fewer better-known personalities. Even so, he is known to have a multi-million dollar contract with Fox News. Combined with the royalties from his books, it seems reasonable to assume that Kilmeade’s net worth will continue to rise, especially since he’s not known for splurging.

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