Growth in salaried employment slows slightly in August but remains strong

Washington state’s economy created 16,800 jobs in August, and the state’s preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate has remained constant at 5.1 percent from July to August, according to the Department of Security. of employment (ESD).

“The August job gains figures were reasonably strong in the face of emerging health issues,” said Paul Turek, an economist in the department. “But the uncertainty around the Delta variant is likely to lead to an uneven recovery in the labor market.”

ESD released preliminary employment estimates from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of its monthly employment report.

Clallam County’s unemployment rate for the month of August was 5.8%, the seventh highest among 39 counties in Washington state.

The department also announced that the unemployment rate of 5.1% previously reported in July was confirmed. July’s preliminary estimated gain of 22,700 jobs has been revised upwards to a gain of 24,300 jobs.

The national unemployment rate fell from 5.4% in July to 5.2% in August. In August 2020, the (revised) national unemployment rate was 8.4%.

ESD paid unemployment insurance benefits to 274,036 people in August, down 42,307 from the previous month.

Workers continue to reenter the labor market

The state’s labor force in August was 3,923,000 – an increase of 16,700 from the previous month. In the Seattle / Bellevue / Everett area, the labor force increased by 3,800 during the same period.

From August 2020 to August 2021, the state’s labor force increased by 36,900 while the Seattle / Bellevue / Everett area increased by 25,900.

The economically active population is the total number of people, employed and unemployed, over 16 years of age.

From July to August, the number of unemployed people statewide increased from 199,200 to 198,800. In the Seattle / Bellevue / Everett area, the number of unemployed people increased from 89,200 to 88,700 in the United States. during the same period.

Nine industrial sectors increased, three industrial sectors contracted and one industrial sector remained constant in August

Private sector employment increased by 13,000 jobs while government employment increased by 3,800 jobs. Below is a summary of the job gains and losses across the 13 industry sectors:

• Leisure and hospitality, +8.500

• Government, + 3,800

• Professional and commercial services, + 3,400

• Manufacturing, +2,000

• Transportation, warehousing and utilities, +1,500

• Other services, +700

• Education and health services, +200

• Financial activities, +100

• Information, +100

• Mining and logging, no change

• Wholesale trade, -200

• Building, -1,600

• Retail trade, -1,700

Washington state created approximately 174,600 jobs from August 2020 to August 2021, unadjusted for seasonal variations. Private sector employment grew 6.5 percent, up by around 175,100 jobs, while public sector employment fell 0.1 percent, down by around 500 jobs .

From August 2020 to August 2021, ten major industrial sectors developed, two industrial sectors contracted and one remained constant.

The three industry sectors with the largest year-over-year employment gains, unadjusted, were:

• Leisure and hospitality, up to 63,400 jobs

• Professional and business services, up 34,800 jobs

• Education and health services, up 25,700 jobs

The two industrial sectors that contracted year over year, unadjusted, were:

• Manufacturing, down 5,100 jobs

• Government, down by 500 jobs

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