Group center The richest member?

ITZY Ryujin debuted as the center of the group in 2019. She has since taken the job, in addition to being the act’s lead rapper and vocalist.

Despite the still short exposure to the world of K-pop, she and the rest of her co-members have already proven their skills and talents in front of the public. This has allowed them to generate tons of sales, resulting in significant profits for them over the past three years.

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ITZY Ryujin is worth millions

Kpop Starz reported earlier this year that Ryujin has a net worth of $2 million. This would have made her one of the two richest members of the group.

As explained, the act’s maknae, Yuna, is also worth the same as the central member. Leader Yeji follows with his reported net worth of $1.5 million.

There is no confirmation, however, regarding the figures given. But, these are the closest estimates to the group members’ respective net worth in 2022.

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Apart from music productions and releases, ITZY has earned profits from overseas tours and stage performances. Also, they have other revenue streams, like brand endorsements and advertisements.

Some of the brands they have continued to work with over the years include MAC Cosmetics, LOTTE, Kia Motors, Louis Vuitton and Shopee Thailand. They also recently tied up with Maybelline New York and CJ’s Gourmet Chicken.

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Coming from a wealthy background

Eagle-eyed fans and followers believe that Ryujin has a storied past. Some even claim that all members of ITZY were born with a silver spoon.

K-pop card previously released a report detailing what netizens had to say about it.

When discussing Ryujin’s life behind the cameras, they noted that the idol’s father is said to be the director of a hospital.

It is also pointed out on some platforms that she graduated from a high-end institution alongside Chaeryeong. She is one of the members of ITZY, who fans also believe is from a wealthy family.

Watch this space for more news on ITZY Ryujin.

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