Government to stop payroll leaks, OAGF says

The Federation’s General Accountant’s Office said the government would implement the necessary plans to stop the leaks in the payroll and personnel management system.

OAGF said it will migrate all government employees to the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System platform.

The Federation’s accountant general, Ahmed Idris, said this during a training workshop for IPPIS actors in the South West geopolitical zone held on Monday.

Idris said: “Since the inception of IPPIS, there has been a significant level of transparency in government payroll administration. The policy has contributed to the efficient management of personnel files, the timely payment of salaries and wages, the accurate deduction of taxes and other third party contributions, as well as the smooth remittance of payroll deductions to third.

“In addition, the policy has made the planning of emoluments and staff budgets more efficient. Encouraged by the positive impact that IPPIS has brought to the administration of the payroll system, the federal government has demanded that the staff of all government agencies and institutions that receive salaries from the Treasury be moved to the IPPIS platform. .

“This task, entrusted to the Office of the General Accountant of the Federation, was indeed energy intensive due to the particularities of certain government agencies and institutions. However, the Office of the General Accountant of the Federation has achieved enormous success, as many officials have been transferred to the IPPIS platform. ”

According to Idris, IPPIS is one of the main reform initiatives of the federal government, provides a platform for the payment of staff emoluments and maintains a database for information and actions on government workforce.

He said: “This position underscores the federal government’s determination to develop permanent solutions to the problems that can be observed in the operations of politics.

“As a role player, you are an important part of the complex machinery designed to ensure the success of the IPPIS policy. ”

Idris said the special training started three weeks ago and was successfully conducted in four geopolitical areas, namely the northwest, northeast, southeast and south-south.

He added that the training will be held simultaneously in the north-central and south-west this week.

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