General Manager Steve Keim got shot on Athletics payroll

Every time a big-name quarterback gets a mega contract extension, there will be a ton of conversation about what it means for his future. This could even extend to a discussion of what other elite players deserve.

In the case of the Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, there has been much talk about how Murray will now earn more annually ($46.1 million) on his new extension than Oakland Athletics’ entire 2022 payroll. ($41.9 million). The A’s, of course, drafted Murray ninth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft.

Now that Murray’s football life is secure for the foreseeable future, even Cardinals general manager Steve Keim has scoffed at Oakland’s penny-pinching manners. At a Friday press conference on Murray’s new contract, you could tell Keim was fair expect to make a joke about the A’s:

Oh man, that’s hilarious!

He’s a man proud (and relieved!) of his work locking down one of football’s best quarterbacks.

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