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Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, congressman from the 4th congressional district of Illinois, spends modestly in the first year of the electoral cycle.

At the start of the cycle, Garcia spent just $ 205,000 in campaign funds, with most of the money spent on payroll, according to a report by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). He has raised around $ 240,000 so far. In the last election, Garcia spent around $ 725,000 and in 2018 he spent around $ 850,000, but he could accelerate spending to previous levels in the next year of the election cycle.

After a redistribution earlier this year, Garcia was originally scheduled to run against Marie Newman, who currently serves the 3rd Arrondissement. Newman announced shortly after that she would run in the 6th Arrondissement against incumbent Sean Casten instead.

FEC’s 2019-20 Election Cycle Report Shows Garcia Spent $ 182,520 on Paychex, Inc. Paychex is a U.S. human resources provider that manages campaign payroll and employee benefits based in Rochester , New York. This will be the fourth year the team has used Paychex.

This year, at the end of September, Garcia spent $ 53,095 on Paychex, an amount lower than last year’s report so far. Campaign team member Roberto Sepulveda’s salary was Garcia’s second-highest expense in this cycle, at $ 24,720, according to the FEC. In the last election, his salary was documented at $ 39,332 for the entire year.

Two other members were reported in the salary. Antonio Favela’s salary was $ 7,295 and Elizabeth Evans’s was $ 4,764.

Another company that Garcia has spent money on is HM Consulting, a fundraising company specializing in fundraising services and counseling strategies. Over the past two campaigns, Garcia has spent his money on HM Consulting. This year is no different, as she received $ 19,373 from the Chuy campaign.

He said he spent money on Latino programs such as “Mujeres Latinas En Accion” where he spent $ 300 with the organization, “Chicago Dia De Los Ninos” where he spent $ 250 and “Latino Leadership Council. “where he spent $ 300. Garcia did not spend on any of these organizations in the last election.

However, Garcia has spent in other Latin American organizations in the past, such as the Chicago Puerto Rican Agenda with $ 5,000. He has also funded other Latino congressional candidates such as Melissa Viverito for $ 2,000, Cindy Axne for $ 1,000, Eira Sepulveda for $ 4,000 and Rafeal Yanez for $ 2,000. They do not appear so far in the latest campaign finance report.

It’s common for congressional candidates’ reports to have many credit card transactions, but Garcia didn’t report any credit card transactions in his expense report.

Throughout the year, Garcia devoted himself to reforming the city of Chicago. Garcia has advocated for many reforms such as criminal justice, voting rights and campaign finance. Garcia also stayed involved in his community, spending time in neighborhoods primarily within the Latino community.

Cesar Sanchez / For CU-CitizenAccess

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