Dave Kaval continues to beat the Oakland A payroll drum

Dave Kaval is taking some heat from Oakland A fans lately. It’s completely understandable that this is the case – he’s the face of ownership and is going to take the brunt of the fans’ anger over the team’s general unwillingness to spend on the payroll. This anger only increased when the A’s doubled the price of tickets at a clearance sale.

Kaval also attempted to play both sides of the stadium battle. While pushing for a binding resolution for the Howard Terminal project, he was also part of the contingent courting Las Vegas as the new home of the A’s. It’s not easy to trust everything he said.

Dave Kaval continues to claim Oakland A’s will increase payroll with new stadium

As such, it’s no surprise that fans have had enough. They challenge him on social media whenever he claims a new stadium is needed to bring in the revenue the A’s need to retain their players. And yet it’s a drum it keeps beating.

There’s no question the A’s need a new ballpark. The Colosseum is falling apart and needs way more renovations than it’s worth. The Howard Terminal project is certainly long overdue.

However, it’s foolish to think that a new stadium will solve all of the A’s financial problems. John Fisher is worth billions, but would rather pocket revenue-sharing checks than spend a dime on the team. The A’s had the type of core that could have been in contention for a championship, but refused to spend the money needed to top the roster with the free agents needed to take that step.

And yet, Kaval keeps saying it will be different with a new ballpark. He says the new stadium, whether in Oakland or Las Vegas, will attract the fans needed to keep their next wave of stars going. Frankly, the A’s could have attracted those fans if they had just spent the money in the first place. And maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be so much trouble getting that new ballpark.

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Dave Kaval continues to claim that a new ballpark will allow the Oakland A’s to keep their players. It also continues to err based on the equity in the property.

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