CSPD officer back on payroll after pleading guilty to child abuse on victim in separate case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – The father of an underage sexual assault victim is speaking out, outraged that an officer who assaulted the boy is being paid off again after pleading guilty.

” At first ? Disbelief, but then indignation which [pleading guilty] to child abuse, that you would still get a paycheck at least from the Colorado Springs Police Department,” the boy’s father said. “Taxpayers pay for it. I mean, I understand administrative leave, but it shouldn’t be paid.”

Constable Shane Reed pleaded guilty last week to one count of child abuse, after admitting to threatening a boy’s life and physically harming him. This boy is also listed as a victim in a separate case, where a woman named Kristen Wessel is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the boy. A family member said in court during a May appearance for Wessel that he believed Wessel groomed the boy and manipulated him into believing they were in a legal and socially acceptable relationship.

That court appearance in May also confirmed a connection between the two cases – the suspects were in a romantic relationship. During a court appearance on Wednesday, Reed told the court that the two were no longer together. The judge told Reed that he understood jealousy to be a strong emotion, seeming to point to the fact that Reed was jealous of the sexual involvement between his then-girlfriend Wessel and this underage boy.

Reed was sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation during this court appearance on Wednesday. He must also complete 12 anger management courses, a cognitive skills course and 50 hours of meaningful public service.

During his sentencing, Chief District Judge William Bain said it was all “in addition to leaving a stain on the rest of the police department”.

According to the website of the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board of Colorado, which holds certifications for law enforcement officers in the state of Colorado, the charge Reed pleaded guilty to does not disqualify him from serving in the state. as a law enforcement officer in the state. Reed initially faced more serious charges that would have required him to lose his certification, but after reaching a settlement with the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, those charges were dismissed.

Because his certification remains intact, he is paid while on administrative leave from the Colorado Springs Police Department. He was initially put on unpaid leave because he was charged with a crime, but when that charge was dropped, he was put back on the payroll.

“I’ve always respected the police, I think it’s hard work. They put their lives on the line, but [this] Makes me think twice now about cops,” the boy’s father told KRDO in an exclusive interview on Monday. Guys? These days you’re gonna do something like that? It really surprises me.”

Reed is under an internal affairs investigation, and while that investigation is active, Reed will continue to receive a paycheck unless he resigns. The results of the investigation will determine whether Reed will continue to work for the department.

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