Cincinnati Reds losing streak: payroll cuts have consequences

rock background | ˈräk-ˈbä-təm

being the lowest

— Merriam Webster

Are we already there?

I’m preparing, like East Coasters prepare for hurricanes, and Auntie Em prepared the root cellar.

Miner’s lamp? To verify.

Water box? Yeah.

Flashlight, batteries, generator, pickaxe, canned heat, soup, crackers, Keystone Light? All good.

Think of it as a extended caving vacation. Because if it’s not the bottom, it’s only a few steps from the mine shaft.

We can’t even celebrate our misery at Rock Bottom Brewery on Fountain Square. This went bankrupt almost exactly a year ago.

Rock bottom looks like Nic Cage in that Leaving Las Vegas movie. Or, for you very OG, Jack Lemmon in The Days of Wine and Roses. Or the Reds, who this weekend in Colorado looked like all who have fallen into a well.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Cincinnati batters went 9 for 60 (.150) while working in the wide open spaces of the outfield at Coors Field. In three games, they had seven double plays.

Rockies starter Kyle Freeland entered with a 7.71 ERA in four starts. He needed just 80 pitches to get 21 out yesterday, allowing four hits and a run.

The Reds are last in baseball in these categories: on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS; ERA, WHIP and walks issued. They are 29th in batting average and 28th in runs scored.

The Reds have the worst point differential in baseball. They are at -65, 24 points behind their nearest competitor, the Pirates. Since April 10, the Reds have won once. This suggests that they are not even competitive.

It’s been 19 years since any major league team started worse than the Reds 3-19.

Yesterday, they couldn’t catch three popups in the field. In a batting Rockie.

“as low as possible”, 1884, from the noun phrase meaning “rocky base” (1815), also figured, from rock (n.1) + bottom (n.). –

There would be symbolic value of the dismissal of David Bell and general manager Nick Krall. I guess.

It would be meant to show fans that the property won’t endure dismal failure. But we’ve seen enough to know what to bear dismal failure that’s exactly what they do. At this point, any dismissal would be lipstick on the flying pig.

You want Joey Votto bench? And replace it with whom?

This is an organization so lacking in talent, he continued to play Aristides Aquino for two years, as he had a great month. It’s a franchise that no longer has Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray, Wade Miley, Anthony DeSclafani and Michael Lorenzen, but until Sunday night it did have Reiver Sanmartin.

Unless you are in memorize minor league rosters, chances are you’ve never heard of half the guys who currently work for the Rock Bottoms. They could save even more money if they stopped chartering planes and instead packed the boys into a few Greyhound buses. It would be metaphorical and not expensive.

When you’re asked to do nothing but cut payroll – when that’s the only consideration – you end up with an unbalanced list that starts from 3 to 19 and counts. That’s basically what the property asked Nick Krall to do for two years. Don’t think the rest of baseball hasn’t noticed.

That’s why you need to trade a local, inexpensive hitter like Jesse Winker because the world knows what you really want to do is lose the money you’re paying Eugenio Suarez. That’s why you let Wade Miley go for nothing, to a division rival.

That’s why you let the bullpen turn into a bus stop for the last lucky ones and children on the edges. That’s why you run ads on the GASP scoreboard touting the quality of the minor leaguers on the team.

(They aren’t, actually. The two pitchers the Reds acquired, Chase Petty and Brandon Williamson? Petty made two starts for Daytona Beach. He’s a few years off the GASP. Williamson is 1-1/6, 61 in Chattanooga.)

If something has bottomed out, it’s at such a low level that it can’t go any lower. – Collins English Dictionary

Are we already there?

Theoretically, no. The Reds still have 140 games to play.

In fact, maybe not yet. Three games in Milwaukee, starting Tuesday, suggest the descent isn’t over yet. Salvation comes on the weekend, when the Pirates are in town for four games. Although even the very bad Pirates are better than the Rock Bottom Reds at the moment.

Quoting Jim Morrison, “I’ve been down there so long it looks like me.”

Now. . .

IF YOU LIKE BUFFALO TRACE BOURBON, Good luck to you. I’m not talking about the flagship hooch, standard Buff Trace. You can get this anywhere. I’m talking about good high-end gear: EH Taylor, Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, Weller etc. Even Rare Eagle. Unless you know someone who knows someone, this stuff barely hits the shelves.

Going to the distillery won’t help much, as we found out. The folks at BT are trying to be helpful, in a way. On their website, they post daily what is available for purchase in the gift shop. The problem is, they are so tight with what they come out, it’s usually gone in about an hour. And it is with a rule that you can only buy one bottle per visit. If you’ve purchased a bottle of Blanton’s in the past 90 days, forget it.

It happens every day. Basically if you want a premium bottle you better be there before the store opens and you better hope the booze you want isn’t as what the hundred others people want.

I don’t understand why they don’t restock the shelves. I mean, I guess they want to create an image of rarity. But don’t they already have it? Would releasing enough product that everyone who wants it gets it really hurt sales?

When I was young and stupid my friends and I used to hang out at a bar in Georgetown, DC called the Third edition. It used to be a great place, but the owners tried to make it look bigger by deliberately having customers line up outside the door, even though few people were inside. Buff Trace seems to follow the same marketing strategy.

SET DAY. . . The Doors come and go for me. The times when I like to listen to them again are equaled by the times when I prefer to listen to someone else. This is from their best album and includes the Morrison quote I referenced earlier.

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