Chris Cuomo’s net worth and salary explored amid CNN suspension

Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris Cuomo has been suspended by CNN “indefinitely,” according to CNN Business. Let’s take a look at his net worth and his salary.

The CNN report says its prime-time anchor Chris is suspended “indefinitely, pending further evaluation.” He is best known for being the host of ‘Cuomo Prime Time’.

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What is Chris Cuomo’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris has an estimated net worth of $ 12 million.

Prior to landing the role of host of the first slot machine on CNN, Chris was associated with other media houses such as ABC and New Day.

Chris’s suspension from CNN, which was announced on November 30, 2021, came as a shock as his segment was the most-viewed time of the day by the network.

CNN has yet to share more details on filling the slot for ‘Cuomo Prime Time’.

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CNN presenter salary explored

Thanks to his successful career as a presenter, Chris was receiving an impressive salary.

He would have earned $ 6 million a year.

Chris began his journalism career making appearances on CNBC, MSNBC and CNN, where he covered social and political issues.

As for the real estate Chris was involved in, he reportedly bought a five-bedroom house in Southampton for $ 1.3 million in 2001 and sold it for $ 2.9 million in May 2019.

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Meet Cristina Greeven, Chris Cuomo’s Wife

Chris is married to Cristina Greeven. The duo share three children. Cristina is an American media personality and entrepreneur.

She is the founder of the “health + well-being platform” PURIST. She describes herself as a “wellness worshiper” in her Instagram bio.

The description under the ‘about’ section of Cristina’s website reads: “The Purist is a place of discovery where we report opinions and facts, backed by a team of dedicated journalists who understand the distinction. “

Chris and Cristina married in 2001 and currently reside with their children in Manhattan.

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