Cherokee Nation Presents $20,000 Check to Okay for Police Expenses | News

The Town of Okay has once again shown its beneficial relationship with the Cherokee Nation. They just received a check for $20,000 for policing efforts, $10,000 more than they asked for.

“It was a nice surprise,” said Sherry Reynolds, town clerk of Okay.

The check was presented to Reynolds on Thursday, alongside Tina Glory Jordan, Secretary of State; Cherokee Nation Senior Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. Rex Jordan, Cherokee Nation District 1 Tribal Councilor Rex Jordan; Cherokee Nation Deputy Principal Chief Brywan Warner and Cherokee Nation Chief of Staff Corey Bunch.

Reynolds was found to have a great working relationship with Councilman Jordan. With her help, Okay received additional funds to purchase new playground equipment earlier this year. In June, the city will have a new wading pool, also partially funded by the Cherokee Nation.

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The Town of Okay currently pays the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office $65,000 annually through sales tax to provide a police presence in the town of approximately 600 people, south of Wagoner. The contracts state that the deputies will be within the city limits of Okay for 20 minutes every hour and a half.

A portion of the $20,000 will go towards the sheriff’s office contract. The remaining amount will be distributed according to the best mood of the head of the city and the residents. This discussion will take place in the coming days and weeks.

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