Candidate accuses Township of Lower Towamensing of wage fraud – Times News Online

Posted on July 08, 2021 at 2:45 p.m.

A Lower Towamensing supervisory board meeting turned explosive on Tuesday night when a candidate brought charges of fraud over township employee pay.

Terry Kuehner, who won the Republican ticket for a six-year term on the supervisory board against Vice President Jay Mullikin, said township employees are showing up late during their 40-hour work week and that ‘they received no penalty.

“I want to know why, when people are late for work, they aren’t reprimanded by an article or they aren’t tied up for 15 minutes when they’re late, while they stay after the fact and load it up. time-and-a-half after the 40 hours. There is no time and a half after 40 hours in any municipality, only in emergency conditions, ”Kuehner said.

Kuehner said this was a persistent problem for a number of years. He asked supervisor Connie Brown, who was not present at Tuesday’s meeting, to provide him with all the documents relating to the township employees’ schedules. He said he would do his own audit to submit to the auditor.

“You swore under confidence. You are responsible as supervisors of this commune for what they do. If this continues, it is not my judgment but that of the auditor. This is its place and we need a mandatory audit on this canton immediately, ”said Kuehner.

Kuehner said he had requested the timesheets in the past but never received them. When the chairman of supervisors, Brent Green, asked if he had ever filed an open case request for documents with the township, Kuehner replied that he had not.

“So you don’t get them until you have them,” Mullikin said.

Green told Kuehner that the board had nothing to hide from him.

“We will provide you with these files. We are not hiding anything. Give us one day’s notice and we’ll get those records and get them to you. We’re going to sit here as you go through them and you can check out whatever recordings you want, ”Green said.

Still, Kuehner continued to express that this was an urgent problem in the township.

“But what I mean, Brent, is this is happening. They charge overtime after eight hours and they’re late in the morning and their timesheets show that daily, ”Kuehner said.

Kuehner said someone should reimburse the taxpayers.

“I already called the listener and I want to tell you something. If the facts show they are billing overtime after eight hours and being late and not docked 15 minutes or half an hour or whatever and they are charging overtime for those years that have passed, someone is paying the taxpayers, ”Kuehner said.

Green explained that being late and working the scheduled hours was not in violation of the township manual.

“So at this point I’m not saying it’s okay to be late, but what you say about being docked in the minutes doesn’t match the punishment in our manual. “Green said.

In the end, the supervisors decided he could come to the municipal building and check the timesheets later in the week.

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