Bogdan Bogdanovic 2021 Net Worth: How Will His Injury Affect His Payroll And His Contracts With The Hawks?

The running 2021-22 NBA season has been more than irregular for the Atlanta Hawks, not only because they haven’t seen the best version of Trae Young yet, but also because of injuries to other important players on the team such as Bogdan Bogdanovic, whose net worth in 2021 could be affected.

The Hawks struggled in December, unable to maintain their lead in the games they ultimately lost, in part because they lost Bogdanovic to a sprained ankle that sidelined him for the first eight games of the month.

After his comeback, Bogdanovic hit just 15 of 53 shots from the field, 28.3%, in his first four games, as well as 8 of 31 of three, 25.8%.

Those numbers are even lower than what Atlanta needs to get from Bogdanovic, who in 2017 made his NBA debut with the Kings of Sacramento.

The Serbian shooter, 29, was selected by the Phoenix Suns with the 27th pick overall in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft, although he has already played for Partizan from 2010 to 2014, then spent three seasons with Fenerbahçe in Turkey.

In his debut NBA season, Bogdanovic received a salary of $ 9.47 million, in the second, he won $ 9 million and in the third $ 7.9 million.

But, after joining the Atlanta Hawks in 2020, Bogdanovic won $ 18 million in each of his two seasons with the team.

Bogdan Bogdanovic net worth in 2021

Considering his salary during the 2021-22 season, Bogdan Bogdanovic net worth in 2021 is $ 18 million, although according to his NBA earnings after five seasons, he accumulates $ 62.4 million.

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