Bailey Sarian Net Worth 2022 – True Crime Makeup Guru

Beauty guru and social media personality Bailey Sarian is known on the internet for her web series Murder, Mystery & Makeup. She is widely regarded as the originator of the burgeoning YouTube video genre, true crime makeup. She has worked with a number of well-known cosmetic companies and launched her own products. As of 2022, Bailey Sarian has a net worth of $8 million.


Bailey is an American born in California on November 26, 1988. Her mother is Cindy Sarian, a 911 dispatcher, and she has a sister named Madison. Although the influencer doesn’t share much about her family details, she does occasionally feature them in her videos.

Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California was his alma mater. Before making a career on YouTube, she already had a well-established position as a makeup artist.

She was employed by IPSY, a subscription cosmetics service. There she did makeup for weddings, commercials and music videos. She has also worked for major beauty brands like Sephora and Urban Decay.

Rise to Glory

On January 23, 2013, Bailey Sarian launched her YouTube channel. She shared cosmetic techniques, recommendations and reviews in typical beauty channel fashion.

She debuted the first episode of Murder, Mystery & Makeup in January 2019, in which she discusses the Watts family murders while wearing makeup. This became the beginning of his success. Sarian was named one of YouTube’s Top Escape Creators of 2020.

NikkieTutorials presented her with a Creator Honor Award at the 10th Streamy Awards, and she was nominated for the Beauty category award. Murder, Mystery & Makeup was once featured in The Guardian’s Top Podcasts of the Week. Today, Sarian’s channel has 6.17 million subscribers.


Bailey Sarian launched her AudioBoom Dark History podcast in June 2021, featuring an episode about the DuPont chemical controversy. Like her YouTube series, she also gained a lot of recognition.

Multiple outlets named Dark History as one of the best original podcasts of 2021. It was Apple Podcasts ninth most popular new show of the year. At the 11th Streamy Awards, it was also named Podcast of the Year.

Sources of income

Thanks to the fame she gained, Bailey was able to collaborate with major makeup companies, such as Etah Love and Loud Lacquer. In August 2020, she released her exclusive eyeshadow palette with ESTATE.

In addition, she earns extra money by selling goods. Sarian has an online store where fans of her series and podcast can purchase products related to her content. These are mainly shirts and make-up items.

Sarian earns around $1.2 million a year from her YouTube advertising revenue. But if that figure is added to her income from other businesses, she could earn up to $6.62 million a year.

Private life

Bailey married Fernando Valdez, a graffiti and tattoo artist from Southern California. They met in 2013 but didn’t start dating until 2017. The same year, they got engaged. Sadly, the couple broke up in January 2022. Fans noticed something was wrong when Bailey stopped posting on social media as she needed time to get over the breakup.

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